What skills are driving the evolution of finance functions?

As finance functions are numerous, they require more skills from the professionals working in these jobs these days. Indeed, if you want to become good at this field of activity, you need to know the skills that are most in demand. To this end, we invite you to discover them through this article.

Intercompany transaction and shareholder engagement skills

First of all, to make a career in one of the finance functions, you need to have the required basics and notions. However, to these must be added some additional skills. For this, you need to know how to professionally manage any intercompany transaction.
In addition to these skills, we also have the skill of shareholder engagement. In fact, having such skills is very essential nowadays. With this skill, the professional can thus enable companies to be visible while improving their compliance.

Technical communication and accounting skills

When it comes to the complementary skills that a financial functions professional must have, we have the one related to communication. In addition, we have that related to technical accounting. In fact, in order to obtain a commitment from a shareholder, one must know how to communicate.
So, any financier must know how to negotiate, how to communicate and explain while impacting shareholders. Talking about technical accounting, you should know that this skill plays an important role in services. So, it is a skill that ensures the smooth running of a business.

Financial regulatory and commercial skills

Finally, experts in financial functions must also have skills in financial regulation and commercial aspects. In fact, the first skill allows professionals to protect the financial stability of companies while avoiding losses.
To do this, they must be aware of any changes in financial regulations and take protective measures. As for the competence related to the commercial aspect, it allows a management of the projects, because the expert is in charge of dissecting the activities and assets of the competitors.