The finance function in companies: What do you need to know about it?

The finance function is of paramount importance in companies both large and small. Not knowing what we mean by the finance function, you probably have a lot of questions about it. In order to answer some of these questions, we invite you to discover more about the finance function.

General information about the finance function in companies

Finance has a very concise objective, it improves the performance of companies in the long run while avoiding risks. For this reason, it is mainly concerned with various investment decisions that can attract considerable profits to the company.
Indeed, the finance function plays several roles in companies to achieve these objectives. First, it ensures the development of companies by promoting the acquisition of the necessary funds. Secondly, it is responsible for risk management.
Finally, the finance function assists in the financial decision-making of the company. All financial decisions must necessarily go through this function. Considering these various roles, this function is not only in charge of the financial side, but also the budgetary and strategic side.

The various professions linked to the corporate finance function

The corporate finance function being a large sector of activity, if you have studied in this field, several categories of jobs are available to you. These include management, accounting, finance and finally controlling and consulting.
In the management category, you can become a financial director, an administrative and financial director or an accounting director. In the finance category, you can become a treasurer or a tax lawyer.
In the accounting category, you could become an auditor, a chartered accountant or an accounting manager. In the last category, finance, you can become a management controller or an internal auditor.