3 jobs to know in the banking and finance sector

Do you want to study banking and finance at university? If so, you are probably wondering what opportunities are available in this field of study. Indeed, this branch of study leads to several types of jobs. If you are wondering what these are, we invite you to discover some of them through this article.

The profession of insurance agent

Among the multitude of professions requiring graduates in banking and finance, the first one we present to you in this article is that of insurance agent. In fact, the latter is a self-employed person in charge of providing professional advice after diagnosis to his clients.
He is also responsible for offering guarantees in line with the various risks diagnosed for the clients. As this is a well-known and much sought-after profession, to become a professional in this field, you must undergo specialized training. As an example, we have a BTS in insurance.

The profession of financial analyst

This profession just like that of insurance agent is also responsible for advising. Nevertheless, in this particular case, he is in charge of advising large companies. Speaking of this advice, he takes into account the financial information of the companies to enable them to orient themselves well in their projects.
As they are only called upon by large companies and banking structures, they have the skills of analysis and also of portfolio management. To make a career in this profession, you must have a master's level in commerce, management or corporate finance.

The accounting profession

In any business or financial structure, accounting is of paramount importance. In fact, the accountant is responsible for keeping an eye on all financial aspects of the company or structure. As a result, they may keep accounts or records of financial transactions.
As this is an evolving field, over time you may become a chief accountant, chartered accountant or financial controller. To make a career in this field, you need to have at least a baccalaureate level of education and two years of university study in accounting and financial management schools.